Bay Delta Updates

SACRAMENTO, January 30, 2012 –- The California State Board of Food and Agriculture will discuss consumer trends within the retail and food service sectors at its upcoming meeting on February 7th in Sacramento. The meeting will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the California Department of Food and Agriculture, 1220 ‘N’Street – Main Auditorium, Sacramento, CA 95814.

The Delta is critical to this state and to Californias farmers and ranchers, said California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross. We need to determine the best options for all stakeholders while maintaining coequal goals for the Delta.

The coequal goals for the Delta, as mandated by the legislature, are to have a more reliable water supply for California and protect, restore, and enhance the Delta ecosystem.

Speakers at the meeting will include Phil Isenberg, Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council; Charles Hoppin, Chair of the State Water Resource Control Board; Michael Machado, Delta Protection Commission; Kamyar Guivetchi, California Department of Water Resources; Federico Barajas, United States Bureau of Reclamation; and a variety of representatives from water districts and agencies. A complete list of speakers is available at:

In addition to the Delta Plan, the state board will have a presentation and panel discussion on the PPICs report concerning statewide water management. PPIC contributing author Richard Howitt, University of California Davis, will provide an overview.

The state board has provided consistent comments on statewide water policy and has submitted testimony on the Delta Plan we are encouraged by this meeting and look forward to discussing issues that impact California farmers and ranchers and are encouraged by our progress, said Craig McNamara, president of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture.

The California State Board of Food and Agriculture advises the Governor and CDFA Secretary. The State Board conducts forums that bring together local, state, and federal government officials, agricultural representatives, and citizens to discuss current issues of concern to California agriculture.

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