The firm was formed to assist clients with strategic positioning of their interests from a long-term legal and political perspective and strives to establish a supportive record for clients at the earliest possible intervention point. The firm’s work builds on the issues Ms. Davis has been handling in the past in addition to serving a number of new clients from resource based industries with complementary legal needs. The firm uses its extensive existing contacts and client base to generate client matters in the legal arena, including referrals from other law firms seeking to associate with minority or women-owned counsel. Its long-term viability will rely on focusing on a known track record of successfully completed and reported water, land use and environmental cases, as well as forming strategic alliances with science and resource oriented consulting firms and presenting a focused marketing program in emerging legal areas, such as global climate change and environmental justice.

Areas of Experience
On behalf of commercial activities, addressing the challenges to natural resources conservation and management using strategic, forward-thinking approaches that may include collaboration, negotiation and, as needed, litigation. The firm’s work emphasizes actions related to protecting the client’s interests by offering assistance in science development and correction efforts with particular focus on fair and consistent application of regulatory requirements.

Our Team
The Brenda Davis Law Group is managed by a practitioner with 33 years of broad-ranging experience in natural resources and environmentally based industries who has maintained an excellent reputation in these legal fields. Along with associated counsel or consultants as needed, the firm handles the advocacy, negotiations and litigation aspects of each client’s concerns with regulatory requirements, whether as the implementing agency or as the regulated or interested party, at the local, state, or federal level as well as challenges by for-profit or non-profit interests. The firm’s focus is on issues arising in California and Washington, D.C., including those issues when encountered by clients from broader geographic arenas.

Ms. Davis and the firm’s associated attorneys work together to provide clients with the benefit of their collective experience, which includes in-house counsel and private law firm work (both transactional and litigation), and prior positions at federal, state and local agencies, including: Solicitor’s Office of the U.S. Department of the Interior; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Regional Director’s Office; State Reclamation Board, Department of Water Resources; State Attorney General of California; Carmichael Water District in California; and the City of North Las Vegas in Nevada.

Ms. Davis has organized, moderated, or appeared on legal panels for the California State Bar Environmental Law Committee and the American Bar Association Section on Energy and Environmental Resources. She also has appeared in television segments on KVIE and Channel 13 news in Sacramento, California. Ms. Davis also is a California State Bar Certified Provider of Continuing Legal Education related to the Endangered Species Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.